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Guangzhou AOSILONG Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. Ahlstrom hardware products factory from production in 2000 the early start of the transition to become the production and marketing integration mode of operation, the production base is located in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, marketing investment base is located in Guangdong Province Guangzhou city. The company mainly engaged in luxury glass door, wooden door handle, floor spring, door clip, door closers, intelligent hotel lock, glass shower room fittings, and other high-end places of business function hardware. More than 10 years Ahlstrom has focused on research and development and production of high-end commercial places function hardware, provide a full range of hardware and customized solutions to our customers. Products are widely used in high-end hotels, commercial buildings, villas, restaurants, clubs, ktv. Many years of experience in the production and marketing to win customers trust and support, many domestic franchisee, distributors of many networks are Ahlstrom understanding of market dynamics, walk in the forefront of the market quick way.

struggle to serve the market, quality tree brand。 Now, "Ahlstrom" brand is entering each market。 Ahlstrom people to surpass themselves as the first goal in life, "beyond" spirit is Guangzhou Ahlstrom hardware product Limited company life core, we uphold the customer is responsible for the state of mind, time for each Ahlstrom products out with good faith and pride。 Because this is Ahlstrom made products, so you can feel Ahlstrom human passion when in use。

to quality service, excellent quality, make our products to customers beyond their confidence, Oslo people look forward to working with you hand in hand, create a decorative hardware better tomorrow, welcome to join Ahlstrom hardware!